Free city tour

Free city tour

Let’s explore the old city of Bethlehem together on a unique tour through its seven old quarters - including six Christian and one Muslim quarter – which is home to 5000 Bethlehemites. We will discover each quarter on foot, hear their sounds, stories and histories and marvel at its uniquely beautiful and rustic architecture.

Along the tour we will visit sites of interest such as, ‘Bd Jakaman’ museum (Jakaman olive press), Baituna Al-Talhame museum, Dar Al-Nadwa, Dar Talamas, Dar Sabela, Star Street, Selesian museum, Milk Grotto, Peace Center, The Church of the Nativity and many other places.

Discover Palestine will guide you through these ancient alleys to help you to visualize the biblical Bethlehem that Jesus would have known and to see how the ‘little town’ has developed and adapted through the centuries into the charming, rhythmical citadel it is today.


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  2 hours   The tour is free.
Donations are appreciated.
  Independent travelers or small size groups.   Manger Square, in front of Bethlehem Peace Center.
Look for a guide with “Discover Palestine” t-shirt!