Academic tours

A tour in Palestine can be an academic and informative learning experience. Students have the opportunity to get out of their textbooks and better understand how their education in human rights, nonviolence, political science, social justice and Middle Eastern studies applies on the ground; all in one place! We offer you the chance to learn about the struggles and conflicts Palestinians face today, as well as the different methods that the people are using to address and solve the problems as they strive for sustainable and peaceful community development.

The tour includes classroom study where lectures are given by different peacemakers from both sides, in addition to field trips where students will have the opportunity to listen, observe and ask questions. Our goal is to provide you with a better idea of how you can live responsibly and serve the causes of justice, peace and empowerment in your own life.

When you join our academic tour, you’ll reap the benefits of our extensive network of NGO contacts and educational resources. As our contacts span the region, we will ensure that you have a wide ranging and in-depth experience.


If you are an independent traveler and seeking to do an internship with us or any other organization in Palestine that is involved in transformational development initiatives, we can also facilitate this. We will design a research project theme or question that would be mutually beneficial as well as arrange a host family for you.


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