Backpack Bethlehem

Bethlehem is more than just the “little town” we sing about in Christmas carols! Despite being well known throughout the world, many people have little idea of what fascinating sites this place has to offer.. While the town of Bethlehem itself has a rich history, there are also 32 small villages surrounding it that add to its treasure. Each one of these villages has a story worth discovering!

Backpacking has always been a perfect way to travel around a place and immerse oneself in the local culture as much as possible. Through Backpack Bethlehem, you will discover innumerable places around Bethlehem that are unfamiliar to tourists. You’ll be walking from one village to another; journeying through time as you pass through a range of different landscapes, flora and fauna, historical architecture, amazing food, and wonderful people!

Every village is unique and here are just some of the distinctive things they can offer:

  • See the breath-taking views of the mountains surround Artas village (the enclosed garden).

  • Enjoy the beautiful terraces filled with vegetables and olive trees in Battir village where they still use an original irrigation system from Roman times. This is now recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

  • Taste the wine coming from the hundreds of vineyards in Al-Khader village.

  • Swim in the springs of Husan village whose name means goodness and beauty.

  • Hear the sound of oud playing around a campfire in the wilderness.

  • And so many more memorable experiences…


You’ll find amazing things to blow your mind... and even better, it’s a program on a budget!

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