Are you up for a challenging and spectacular experience?

In Palestine, the best known caving area is in the Khreitoun (Chariton) Valley. Three pre-historic caves are located there: Irq al-Ahmar, Umm Qal’a, and Umm Qatafa’. The last has a particular significance as it provides the earliest evidence of the domestic use of fire in Palestine. The excavation of these three caves was first accomplished in the 1920s. The Khreitoun cave extends to 17 km underground, and believe us, that’s a lot!

During the 1.5-2 hour long tour, you will have to walk, climb, crawl and squeeze and we will provide you with the caving equipment you need (helmet and light). These tours are arranged upon request so if you aren’t claustrophobic, then email us on to book your own caving experience.

Note, although our caving tours are led by qualified, experienced guides, taking part in the tour is at your own risk. No previous caving experience is required.



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