Discover Palestine

For too long, the True Palestine has remained undiscovered; both by international visitors and residents of this beautiful land.

Discover Palestine’ - an initiative conceived by a group of experienced and passionate Palestinian tour guides – is the answer.

Our approach is two-fold.

Firstly, for many outsiders, the name ‘Palestine’ is associated with the negative. We look to challenge such perceptions, and introduce visitors to the Palestine we know and love.

Secondly, the daily reality of the occupation and the many restrictions that come with it, have sadly resulted in many Palestinians being unable to explore their own remarkable country.

We see tourism as a fantastic way of showcasing Palestine to new audiences, but also of reintroducing Palestinians both to their land and to one another.

We want to guide you through the unique natural beauty, culture, cuisine, and history of this magical land through a variety of activities and, through Palestine’s most valuable resource: the incredible people who live here. Through their stories, we have no doubt that you will come to love this country as we do.

We have developed our expertise in holy-land tourism for over a decade but we also take pride in introducing explorers to alternative, little-known wonders in Palestine which lie off the well-beaten tourist track. Our weekly trips will include hiking and biking along Palestine’s spectacular trails, camping under the desert stars, exploring the Chariton Valley cave system, olive harvesting, and political, educational and religious tours. Whatever your needs, we have a fully tailored package for you.

Founded in 2014, Discover Palestine is a not-for-profit home grown initiative working under the umbrella with Asociación Europea de Cooperación con Palestina - ASECOP (The European Association for Cooperation with Palestine).

Come join us on our educational and inspiring tours and contact us for more details at:


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