Other Experiences

Most visitors who come to Palestine stick to the standard tours and only visit the famous sites but if you are planning to visit Palestine for a longer period, we encourage you to discover all the hidden treasures in this fascinating place. Palestine is a great destination for cultural tourism with its tasty cuisine and active social life. Don’t miss out on trying our fresh lemonade with mint or the local white cheese with watermelon. If you happen to be here in the summer, make sure you attend one of Palestine’s cultural festivals. There are lots to choose from whether it’s the Apricot festival in Jifna or the Lettuce festival in Artas or many others. Palestinians know how to celebrate and their cultural events are full of live music so come and hear the tableh and zaghareet!

Music & Dance

Palestinians love to party! Find out more about our traditional music and enjoy a Dabkeh performance (folk dance). We can’t promise you that the steps will be easy but we guarantee it will be a fun experience. In Palestine, you can also enjoy hip hop music and attend parties and events with local artists. If you were invited to a wedding, don’t hesitate to say a big YES!

And guess what? The winner of Arab Idol in 2013 was a Palestinian from Gaza and if you mention his name here, you’ll find out just how proud Palestinians are of this fact.

Handicrafts & Costumes

Your visit won’t be complete if you don’t check out the Palestinian embroidery or try on an authentic dress. If you have a specific design in mind, it can be made especially for you. Meet our local fashion designers and learn about their challenges and experiences as they seek to present this aspect of Palestinian culture to the world. Other great souvenirs that you can take home with you include ceramics, getting your name painted on tiles or olive wood carvings. Stop by a Palestinian pottery factory or glass factory and try to blow your own gift!

Literature & Cinema

For those who just love good books and great films or perhaps if you’re looking for a perfect gift to take home, we invite you to explore our Palestinian literature, poetry and film making. Much of our most famous literature is from the  genre of resistance poetry, speaking about exile, loss, love and longing for your homeland. It will be a pity if you leave without reading any of the writings from poets such as Ghassan Kanfani, Samih al-Qasim, Tawfiq Zayyed or  without visiting the Mahmoud Darwish museum that preserves his legacy. Try to join in the Palestine Festival of Literature, an annual event that seeks to assert "the power of culture over the culture of power."

Palestinian films are also known worldwide and many are translated to English. One of the most recent is the documentary "The Wanted 18", which has received the award for Best Documentary from the Arab World in 2014.


The architecture in Palestine has developed throughout its long history and has been influenced by diverse cultures; from palaces with decorative mosaic floors dating back to the Umayyad period to the Byzantine style of Churches and the Ottoman style of hamams and buildings. Every architectural style reveals the culture and traditions of that era. Take a walk, look around you, bring your camera and enjoy the impressive architecture. You can also meet our modern day local architects and cultural heritage experts along the way!



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