Hazem Bannoura

His lifelong enthusiasm for history and the outdoors has driven Hazem to explore Palestine’s hidden treasures and he loves to inspire others to do the same. With a passion for the undiscovered, Hazem brings the adventurous traveler to Palestine’s unnoticed and unknown locations. Specializing in offering experiences off the beaten track, Hazem is an expert hiker and an outdoor adventure specialist. Following a successful career training tour guides at Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture, he found himself getting back to his roots by working as a tour guide himself. His most memorable moments include camping in the Jerusalem desert and waking to the spectacular sunrise over the Dead Sea.



Rafat Shomali

An experienced tour guide and certified travel expert, Rafat combines his witty, informative personality with passion, a little humor, and his comprehensive knowledge that ensures his groups always have a memorable experience. He will show you the land from a local’s perspective where you’ll spend your time discovering the Palestinian history, culture and hospitality unique to this fascinating country and its people.


Rana Salman

Her passion for travel began at an early age. After gaining a degree in English language and tour guiding, Rana managed to transform her passion into a career. Rana has considerable international travel experience under her belt but has recently found herself opting for destinations where she can gain in-depth experience and knowhow valuable in providing for and understanding the needs of her groups and guests back in Palestine. Some of her indelible travel memories have included cycling through four countries of the Middle East, hiking in the Velebit mountains in Croatia and most of all discovering the wonders of her own country, Palestine.


Osama Awwad

A tour guide, freelance photographer and news reporter, Osama works as a travel consultant where his tours blend informative insights with personal touches. Osama’s passion for alternative tourism came to fruition when he withdrew from his media career to pursue his studies to become a licensed tour guide enabling him to present an alternative perspective of Palestine. When he’s not guiding groups or taking photos, Osama is an experienced traditional Palestinian Dabkeh” dancer and performs in various local and international festivals. Wherever he goes, his motto is “present Palestinian culture with pride”.


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